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Even if you choose a getaway only few miles from home or you want to travel as far as you can, Vacation Homes are waiting for you in Virgin Islands (U.S.)'s every city!
Most travelers automatically think of booking a hotel whenever they travel, but Vacation rentals is the best option for the your trip. You get more space. Instead of spending your vacation cooped up inside a hotel room – which is, really, just a bedroom and a bathroom – give yourself more space to relax with a whole apartment or vacation home. Your whole family can fit comfortably in one vacation rental, so you do not have to book several hotel rooms to accommodate everyone. Some vacation rentals come with private space outdoors as well, like swimming pools or hot tubs, which add to your living area and make the whole experience that much nicer than hanging out in the hotel lounge. You get more amenities.
Some hotels offer nice amenities (which you will pay dearly for), but none of them can compete with the kinds of perks you will find in many vacation rentals. From balconies, barbecues and swimming pools to private kitchens, in-home laundry facilities and home entertainment centers. Plus, some vacation rentals even come with access to things like nearby tennis courts or golf courses, too. You just cannot beat the amenities in a vacation rental. You satisfy your whole travel group. Maybe the kids are picky eaters, and you want your own kitchen to be able to feed them what you know they will like. Maybe the husband wants to be able to catch the big game on a big-screen TV. Maybe the wife wants to be able to walk to the tennis courts every morning. Maybe the teenagers will simply die if they do not have access to the internet while they are away from home. Whatever the people in your travel group need, there is a vacation rental that will satisfy everyone. No hotel can compete with that. You get local insider tips.
Who knows the ins and outs of an area better than the people who live there? With a vacation rental you get to take advantage of the local knowledge of the property’s owner or the rental agent. Either way, you can ask about the best restaurants, local sights and tips no one else could offer you. You save money. This is what everyone wants to do on vacation, right? Well, with a vacation rental you are bound to save money over a hotel stay. Consider how many hotel rooms you would have to book in order to accommodate your whole traveling crew – booking one vacation rental where you can put everyone is going to be a big money saver. Then consider how much you routinely spend on dining out when you have nowhere to cook – having your own kitchen and making at least some of your own meals will save you lots of money.
Finally, consider the amount you would spend to keep everyone happily occupied on things like entrance fees to swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, etc. – when you choose a vacation rental that includes those perks, you are saving even more.
Virgin Islands (U.S.) vacation rentals are diverse. Every property type in Argentina from condo rentals to cheap beach rentals to luxury vacation homes, can be found here – this means that those traveling solo, as well as those organizing a huge family reunion, can easily find a vacation home that suits them. So if you’re planning a beach vacation, ski trip, honeymoon, family reunion, or any other kind of getaway, begin by checking out the vacation homes listed here!

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Christiansted  - $2500/week. Stunning Views and tropical breezes.

$2500/week. Stunning Views and tropical breezes.

Villa6 max convidados.3 bdrms3 banhosa partir de$0/NoiteBook Now


Villa8 max convidados.4 bdrmsa partir de$850/Noite
Christiansted  - Island Luxury

Island Luxury

House8 max convidados.3 bdrmsa partir de$429/Noite
East End  - 5 Star Villa w/car and boat trip (optional)

5 Star Villa w/car and boat trip (optional)

Villa8 max convidados.3 bdrms1 banhosa partir de$643/Noite
Charlotte Amalie  - Go Green!  Charming 1 Br Close to Everything

Go Green! Charming 1 Br Close to Everything

Apartment2 max convidados.1 bdrms1 banhosa partir de$75/Noite
Charlotte Amalie  - View of Paradise Beachfront Condo

View of Paradise Beachfront Condo

Condo3 max convidados.1 bdrms1 banhosa partir de$189/Noite
Cruz Bay  - Hillcrest Guest House, St. John, US Virgin Islands

Hillcrest Guest House, St. John, US Virgin Islands

Bed & Breakfast4 max convidados.1 bdrms1 banhosa partir de$195/Noite
Cruz Bay  - Bright Little Villa overlooking The Caribbeans!

Bright Little Villa overlooking The Caribbeans!

House4 max convidados.1 bdrmsa partir de$80/Noite
East End  - Oceanview Large Studio Condo

Oceanview Large Studio Condo

Condo4 max convidados.Estúdio1 banhosa partir de$0/Noite
Christiansted  - Ocean and Harbor View Virgin Islands

Ocean and Harbor View Virgin Islands

Condo4 max convidados.2 bdrms2 banhosa partir de$140/Noite

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